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Tell Me Your Story

We All Have A StoryMost of us have stories we can tell about our personal experiences with the supernatural.  Some of them are scary.  Anyone who's had a personal experience with an angel or demon can attest to this.  But others are more benign.  Many of us have heard...

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The Part We Play

Why Spiritual Warfare Affects Us AllHow do you view the spiritual realm?  Do you imagine an invisible world of angels and demons battling around you for the souls of mankind?  Maybe it’s the stories you hear told about the last days or end times on Earth and the...

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Spiritual Warfare in Storytelling

Why tell stories at all?When it comes to telling stories, I think they need to reflect as closely to the truth of our experience as possible.  Of course, everyone says that. So what do I mean?  Well, this: The world we live in is one where lies are more likely to be...

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Our Mission at the Spiritual Struggle

Building an Army for GodWhen you talk about Spiritual Warfare, there are lots of strong opinions.  Different people view it differently.  Spiritual issues in general aren’t all that well understood.  Why should be obvious – we’re not spiritual beings.  At least not...

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A Spiritual Civil War in our Churches

How a war in our churches creates Christian ZombiesWhat’s the most dangerous and destructive kind of war? A civil war, of course.  It divides families.  No common ideology can survive.  It is division among division. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when there’s a war in...

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