As I’ve written about before, we all play a part in the Spiritual Struggle going on around us.  Few things in this struggle is more important to understanding that than understanding our beliefs and taking the time to test them.  Another important part is community.  I can’t do this alone.  We need to have a vibrant and sometimes frank or even unconfortable discussion on these very important ideas.  As long as we’re all in it together we have the ability to overcome the forces of evil.

So to get started, I’d love to get your opinion about various topics related to Spiritual Warfare and the Supernatural.
Click on a topic below to answer a few questions.  Your answers will help decide topics we’ll discuss here.

Spiritual Warfare – General

Spiritual Warfare and the Rapture

Spiritual Warfare and the Demonic

Spiritual Warfare – Exorcism

Spiritual Warfare – Prayer

Spiritual Warfare – the Armor of God

Spiritual Warfare – Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Warfare – the Fruit of the Spirit