We All Have A Story

Most of us have stories we can tell about our personal experiences with the supernatural.  Some of them are scary.  Anyone who’s had a personal experience with an angel or demon can attest to this.  But others are more benign.  Many of us have heard the still small voice.  Sometimes it’s a warning.  Sometimes its guidance.  Maybe it was something else to you. 

Sometimes our experiences look more like coincidence. A person shows up in our lives to tell or show us something we never expected, or never knew we needed, or knew we needed but didn’t know how to find. 

All our experiences with these kinds of things are different and unique.  Understanding that the spiritual realm might show itself differently to different people is important to understanding that we all can and should have experience with it.  I’m not saying there aren’t rules and ways things operate because that’s certainly true.  I think it’s wholly possible, though, that we’re not always perceiving things as they are or even as we’re fully capable. 

So, with those things in mind, I’d love for you to share any stories of your experience with the spiritual or supernatural with me below.  I promise to keep them private unless you say its okay to share.   If there’s something you need to discuss please let me know that as well.  I want to serve you.  And if you’re willing to share your experience publicly consider going to https://seeingthestory.com/ to say more.

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